PureOne Personal U.V Water Purifier UV+MF (Letters)

PureOne Personal U.V Water Purifier UV+MF (Letters)

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Product Description

PureOne  U.V water Purifiers are an  essential product for all those who want  to ensure that they & their Dear ones have access to Pure ,Safe and healthy drinking water with natural minerals Always-Any Where-Any Time.  Incorporating advanced Germicidal U.V Technology ( Being used  with confidence worldwide in all high end Purifiers )   from U.S.A  , this product kills/neautralises  99.99% of disease forming bacteria ,viruses and other Pathogens  found in water (Billions of them lurking not only in Tap water but even in so called Hygienic  sources of water like Office/School / Commercial  Water Coolers /dispensers .  Even more than 50% of the packaged drinking water sold in the Indian  market have been found to be Fake and Unhealthy Time and Again). Unlike regular fixed type  water purifiers where there is a very high probability of Bacteria / virus being regenerated on account of factors like being exposed to light , stored for a couple of hours , stored in tanks/coolers/dispensers installed in Schools/ offices  which are hardly ever cleaned  adding  germs to the purified water  turning it unsafe again . PureOne by ensuring that one drinks water at the point of purification itself ensures that one always consumes safe water .  Moreover unlike conventional  plastic based water purifiers , PureOne comes in a nonleaching 304 Grade Stainless steel which inturn ensures that one is not exposed to harmful chemicals which can lead to serious health issues like Growth / mental retardation , Alzheimer and even cancer . Unlike lowend water purifiers PureOne does not use any chemicals making it safe .  This makes Pureone not only a Style statement but also a Life Saving Gadget .

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