PureOne Personal U.V Purifier (UV+MF) -Pure B

PureOne Personal U.V Purifier (UV+MF) -Pure B

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Item specifics

  • Clockspeed 100mhz

Product Description

PureOne  U.V water Purifier is an  essential product for all those who want  to ensure that they & their Dear ones have access to Pure ,Safe and healthy drinking water with natural minerals Always-Any Where-Any Time.  Incorporating advanced Germicidal U.V Technology ( Being used  with confidence worldwide in all high end Purifiers )   from U.S.A  , this product kills/neautralises  99.99% of disease forming bacteria ,viruses and other Pathogens  found in water (Billions of them lurking not only in Tap water but even in so called Hygienic  sources of water like Office/School / Commercial  Water Coolers /dispensers .  Even more than 50% of the packaged drinking water sold in the Indian  market have been found to be Fake and Unhealthy Time and Again). Unlike regular fixed type  water purifiers where there is a very high probability of Bacteria / virus being regenerated on account of factors like being exposed to light , stored for a couple of hours , stored in tanks/coolers/dispensers installed in Schools/ offices  which are hardly ever cleaned  adding  germs to the purified water  turning it unsafe again . PureOne by ensuring that one drinks water at the point of purification itself ensures that one always consumes safe water .  Moreover unlike conventional  plastic based water purifiers , PureOne comes in a nonleaching 304 Grade Stainless steel which inturn ensures that one is not exposed to harmful chemicals which can lead to serious health issues like Growth / mental retardation , Alzheimer and even cancer . Unlike lowend water purifiers PureOne does not use any chemicals making it safe .  This makes Pureone not only a Style statement but also a Life Saving Gadget .

Salient Features

  1. In built U.V Source  from leading U.S. Co.
  2. In built Imported Micron  Filter  for removing suspended particles and impurties from the water.
  3. 304 Grade INOX stainless steel(BPA free for Non-Leaching,Non -Diseases forming. U.V Chamber/Bottle).
  4. In built Li-ion Battery lasts 3 to 4 years.
  5. Normally needs to be charged with your mobile phone charger once in 10 to 15 days depending upon usage.Once charged fully , it can purify upto 20 Litres of water before next charge.Pureone water Purifier has a carrying capacity of around 700 ml of water .
  6. Designer Neoprene covers provide style as well as Insulation & Protection.
  7. ISO 9001-2008 certified company.
  8. One year warranty against any Manufacturing defect.

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