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We Pure One Labs Pvt. Ltd ,  an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company . We have developed some new & innovative products having Consumer & Health care applications. The product line includes Handy Water Purifiers, UV based room air purifiers, UV based toothbrush sanitizers, Whole tank water purifiers and General sanitizers. To begin with we have launched UV+UF based Handy water purifiers , UV toothbrush sanitizers  and Air Purifiers.The other products will be launched in due course of time.


The major markets for the new products will be throughout India. The products will also have a huge export potential specially to US and Europe where there is a growing concern about toxic plastic based bottles/ purifiers and there is a growing market for products offering safe germ free environment.

For handy water purifiers the customers will be all those who are “ON MOVE” like office goers, school children, armed forces personnels (posted in inaccessible areas),  tourists/travellers, sports persons etc.

The handy water purifiers also appeal to all those who want to ensure that they and their family members do not consume any harmful chemicals (certain carcinogenic agents and endocrine disruptors leached from ordinary plastic based water purifiers and water bottles. In short , it will be for all those who want a safe present as well as a safe future.

Lets Share Love Not Germs!!!!

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PureOne Personal U.V Purifier (UV+MF) -Pure B

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PureOne  U.V water Purifier is an  essential product for all those who want  to ensure that they & their Dear ones have access to Pure ,Safe and healthy drinking water with natural minerals Always-Any Where-Any Time.  Incorporating advanced Germicidal U.V Technology ( Being used  with confidence worldwide in a..

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